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Heart for the House is an annual opportunity in Hillsong Church UK where people participate in a sacrificial offering, which goes into building the church on a larger scale - physical buildings, equipment, new locations, as well as supporting non-profit organisations that help people in need. The hope is that people would not only contribute something extraordinary but also for them to experience the goodness of God personally. It is a tool to ‘change the narrative’ where people sacrifice for the bigger picture, at the same time benefitting others as well as themselves. It’s a contrast to the “me first” culture that we so often encounter daily.

Visually, it was based of Exodus 35 - the building of the tabernacle (hence the fabrics and the colours). Everyone came on board to contribute in the building of the structure, and in our case, the church. Everyone brought something to the table, and so did we. “They [craftsmen] went to Moses and reported, “The people have given more than enough materials to complete the job the Lord has commanded us to do!”” (Exodus 36:5 NLT) Isn’t that beautiful? The dream is that we’ll go the extra mile, every single one of us, and that we’ll be a church that is able to do whatever it takes so that others may encounter Jesus.

The project started off with creating a moodboard for overall look as well as photoshoot ideas and concept. Then a mockup was created to visualise the set for photoshoot. After the set was built and photoshoot was done, the assets were used as the basis for socials as well as prints. In the Sunday services at the Dominion Theatre, assets were also used on screens to emphasise the theme for the whole month.

Concept, branding & identity, set design, organising photoshoot and talents, asset creation for various channels, booklet design

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